About Us

Shipping Advisors offers qualitative forwarding service, based on years of practice, experience and professionalism. Having a large agency network, our company is able to provide the cargo owner with transport almost anywhere in the world. Depending on the features of the cargo, and the route of transportation we use all types of vehicles.

Our company set up by professionals to perform logistics tasks of any complexity. In the cooperation with our customers we adhere to the flexible financial policy, strive to do everything we can to complete your order fully and as soon as possible. We guarantee timely delivery of cargo, its integrity and safety.

Shipping Advisors provides a full range of logistics services, including:

Benefits of cooperation with Shipping Advisors:

  • scale geography of transportation,
  • the required frequency in providing transport, regardless of the intensity of cargo flow,
  • control of the cargo at every stage of transportation,
  • the optimal solutions for each cargo,
  • development of individual logistic schemes,
  • individual approach to every customer,
  • a reasonable balance of reliability and cost of transport services.

We believe that cooperation with the Shipping Advisors will be a significant step towards achieving success and stability of your company!